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ENTE by ObershutzeWienman ENTE by ObershutzeWienman
The "Duck" or "Ente" was an experimental design for a medium tank based on the panzer III chasis. Heavily modified, the end design ended up being mounted on a cut down version of the panzer IIIs hull, with three large road wheels as opposed to six smaller ones. Armored skirts were added to protect the suspension from AT rifles. The tanks maximum armour was 60mm on the front with 32mm on the sides and 24 on the rear. Its maximum speed was 62 Kmph and it was powered by modified me109/G engine. Its main armament was a magazine fed 50mm L/60 anti tank gun for armor engagements for which 86 rounds could be carried Each magazine heldg 5 shots, it also had 2 mg34 machine guns, one mounted to the right of the main gun and one in the hull. It had a crew of 4, with two situated in the oddly shaped revolving turret. the commander used either the long range periscope or the large cupola to spot enemy's with. The cannon could be pointed nearly vertically (87 degrees) and could depress to -25 degrees making it useful against both air and ground targets. With the onset of 1944, the panzer III and all of its sub-variants (except for the stug III) were discontinued in favor of panther construction.

hope you like this little design, its going to the world of tanks design your own tank contest if I ever finish it.
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Not bad, not bad
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